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School Based Services

School Based Services

Consultation and service delivery in school settings is a complex process that requires skilled IBIC case managers and clinical supervisors to actively collaborate with administrators, teacher, staff and other professionals to design a specific intervention plan that is results driven based on the tenets of applied behavior analysis (ABA). The individual case managers and clinical supervisors are responsible for providing Behavior Intervention Development (BID).

Once a student is referred to IBIC through the IEP process, BID includes the ongoing design, implementation, and evaluation of the behavioral program as well as suggesting environmental accommodations and/or classroom modifications. Through collaboration and consultation with the student’s educational team, the BID designs a Behavior Intervention Treatment Plan based on appropriate functional assessment.

The IBIC functional assessment is an interactive process that may include both formal and informal processes. These components include but are not limited to: review of records, interviews, behavior rating scales, and observation of student behavior and environmental conditions using ABC forms, scatterplots and narrative data collection.

Once the BID completes the IBIC staffing form, the BID will utilize IBIC’s proactive planning module to design a program utilizing evidence---based practices (task analysis, DRA/I/O, PECS, antecedent based interventions, modeling, scripting, social skills training, prompting, and reinforcement) with materials existing in the classroom. In development of the plan, consideration will be given to the school-wide PBIS, teacher’s classroom behavioral system, the IEP and results of the individual student’s needs and preference assessment.

Once the program is in effect the BID, in conjunction with regularly scheduled collaboration with site team and family, utilizes data-based decision-making to guide implementation efforts, monitor outcomes, troubleshoot problems, make necessary changes, while supervising the BII.

Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) is a classroom based service provider that is responsible for implementation of the behavior support plan and the behavior intervention treatment plan. The BII provider receives specialized training from the staff of IBIC. The BII will integrate into the classroom program, assist the student to access the curriculum and classroom program and collect behavioral data pertaining to the plan.